Christian Growth Ministries, Inc.

Christian Growth Ministries Inc.

is a non-profit Christian organization established in 1961 to help fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.


CGM was established in 1961 to reach the lost of Metropolitan area with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through tent campaigns, youth rallies and camps. It was founded by Rev. Wil Bruce together with some national church leaders. From 1972 to 1990, CGM grew as an organization thru the leadership of Rev. Doug Nichols. There were more than 150 workers involved in 20 (more) diverse ministries all geared winning the lost, discipleship and development particularly the poor and needy. In 1990, the leadership was turn-over to nationals. The ministries were streamlined and focused on 5 strategic ministry programs and services.


Vision Statement

To be God’s channel for the salvation and transformation of many of lives for His glory


Mission Statement

We partner with Christian churches and organizations towards evangelization and transformation development through education, publication, camps, conferences/seminars and other relevant ministries.


Core Values 

  1. Bible Based
    • CGM is a bible-based organization upholding its principles, policies, practices and beliefs, making God’s Word its sure foundation.
    • Scriptural submission to authority
    • Dedication and trustworthiness
  2. Christ-likeness
    • We are committed to live an exemplary life, serving with love, compassion, humility, honesty and willingness to sacrifice.
    • Firm conviction
  3. Dynamic Leadership
    • We at CGM work together to provide a dynamic leadership that is sustainable, motivated and effective in fulfilling its vision, mission and goals.
    • Integrity, Competence
    • Transparent, Ethical, Accountable
  4. Empowering Relationship
    • We encourage a strong and harmonious relationship, which love and pray for one another.  We believe that transparency, accountability and openness are essentials in the ministry.
    • Cleanliness and orderliness
    • Customer service, Teamwork, Accommodation, Politeness
  5. Responsible Stewardship
    • The CGM family undertakes its ministries with integrity and success by generating resources and managing them wisely in accordance to God’s standard.
    • Innovative, resourcefulness, efficient
    • Punctuality, Disciplined